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ARTA 80 Notes



ARTA 80 Audio Analyser

The ABACUS ELECTRICS ARTA 80 one-third-octave analyser is a compact, battery portable, precision instrument which displays the real-time intensity and spectral distribution of sounds. Using a pink noise test signal, such as from the built-in generator, a system's electrical or electro-acoustic frequency response may be accurately and rapidly determined. Thirty non-volatile memories allow spectral data to be saved for immediate comparison, or later printing. Data may be down-loaded to a personal computer for archiving.
The ARTA 80 was produced from 1988 until 2004 when ABACUS ELECTRICS ceased manufacturing for the pro-audio and film industries. 


ARTA 600

ARTA 600 Audio Analyser

The ARTA 600 is a 30-band one-third-octave audio spectrum analyser adapter that uses a separate oscilloscope as a display. Uniquely, it permits the frequency response to be viewed at the same time as the relative phase (azimuth) of the left and right input signals.
Manufactured between 1980 and 1994 it was used by cinema sound installers around the world.

ARTA 8000

ARTA 8000 Audio Analyser

  The ARTA 8000 is a 27-band one-third-octave audio spectrum analyser that uses a cathode-ray tube for display.
Manufactured between 1977 and 1980 it was ABACUS ELECTRIC's first product.