ARTA 80 Analyser
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Connectors and Cables.


The audio connectors used on the ARTA 80 audio analyser are of the Tini-QG family manufactured by Switchcraft. With the appearance of standard XLR connectors they are physically smaller. Cable used with these connectors should have a maximum diameter of 4mm.
Supplied with the ARTA 80 analyser are one TA5MX, one TA3MX, and two TA3FX connectors. These are sufficient to produce a line-input cable, noise output cable, and a microphone extension cable.
In the United Kingdom these connectors are available from most electronic component suppliers. The table below cross refers the Switcraft part numbers to various suppliers stock-code numbers. If needed, replacement chassis connectors are available from the same suppliers.

RS Components 628-5601 628-5639 628-5651
Farnell 1192834 1192836 1192832