ANSI Optical Probes

The ABACUS ELECTRICS ANSI USB Optical Probe model A9U-P-U04M-2A has a new home with TransData Inc. It is available to purchase now.
The ABACUS ELECTRICS ANSI optical probes are bi-directional interfaces utilising infra-red light. Connecting to a computer serial port they permit galvanically isolated communication with tariff meters as specified in American ANSI C12.18:2006 standard.
Probes are available for use with lap-top or desk-top computers, and also for use with a variety of the hand-held computers commonly used for field data collection.

The A9U probe has a USB connection and derives its power from the host computer.

The A6Z Zero-Power ANSI optical probe is convenient to use, as no battery or power supply connection is needed. Fitted with a standard 9-pin 'D' connector they plug directly into the serial ports of lap-top and desk-top computers. They are compatible with most meters and programming software.

Certain Landis+Gyr (formerly Siemens) meters have special signal requirements. The ABACUS A9U ANSI probes should be used with these meters as they contains a DTR software switch providing logic compatibility with these meters. This 'switch' requires that the application software set the DTR serial control line appropriately for the make/model of meter to be read/programmed.
ANSI Optical Probe
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Probes For Laptop and Desktop Computers

Model A9U ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe

ANSI Optical Probe - A9U
Model A9U ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe with DTR switch and USB connector for desktop and laptop computers.
A9U-P-U04M-2A 2 metre cable

Model A6Z ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe

ANSI Optical Probe - A6Z
Model A6Z ANSI Type 2 Optical Probe with 9-pin female ‘D’ connector wired for the IBM-PC standard.
A6Z-P-D09F-1A 1 metre cable
A6Z-P-D09F-2A 2 metre cable
A6Z-P-D09F-3A 3 metre cable
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