USB Probe Drivers

Abacus Optical Probe USB Driver Installation for Windows

Automatic Driver Installation:
In most cases, plugging in the Abacus Optical Probe in to the USB port of the computer will use the Windows Update feature to automatically retrieve the drivers and install them for use with the probe for Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems.

Then navigate to Device Manager and Ports and check for an entry for “USB Serial Port”. If installed correctly the Drive Manufacturer (in the Properties, Driver tab) will show up as FTDI (the manufacturer of the USB chip and driver for the Probe) and the Probe can be used with the listed COM port. It may be possible to change the COM port assignment by accessing Properties, Port Settings tab, Advanced button, and COM Port Number entry, if a lower COM port number is desired for software compatibility.
Note, the process may take some time, require re-plugging the probe, and require internet access. If the device does not show up in Device Manager or is shown with a trouble indicator, it may be necessary to enable the Windows Update capability, or due to security restrictions choose the manual installation below.
Manual Driver Installation:
For Windows 10, 8, 7 and Server operating systems Abacus Optical Probe USB Driver Click here for the Abacus Windows 10, 8, 7, and Server Driver Zip File

Unzip and run the driver self-install file. The WHQL Certified drivers are FTDI drivers. FTDI is the manufacturer of the USB chip inside the Abacus USB Optical Probes.

An alternate FTP link for the drivers and the instructions for the remaining steps are shown in the 22A475A Abacus Optical Probe Driver Instructions, found here: 22A475A Abacus Optical Probe Driver Instructions
For Older Probes (prior to 2020) or NOT manufactured by TransData:
Due to security settings, the older Abacus Drivers will likely not work with Windows 10. Older Probes are setup to only link to the older Abacus Drivers. Please contact the TransData Factory for information on replacing these probes with current revision Probes that use the WHQL Certified drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Server Operating systems.

Contact TransData, Inc.
2560 Tarpley Road
Carrollton, Tx 75006
Phone: 972-418-7717 ext 401

For older probes for use with legacy operating systems, the following links and driver files may be able to be used. (DO NOT USE FOR PROBES RECEIVED 2020 and LATER)

Legacy Driver for older Abacus USB Optical Probes, click here: Legacy Window 8,7 Driver Zip File

Legacy Installation Guide for Windows 8 click here: Legacy Windows 8 Install Guide

Legacy Installation Guide for Windows 7 click here: Legacy Windows 7 Install Guide

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